5 clothes and accessories that are worth the splurge and 5 that are not

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With all the fashion influencers and the thousands of trends going around and constantly changing, it can sometimes be very hard to understand what things you really need in your wardrobe and what will surely be in vogue the next year. This is why we decided to give you all a piece of advice on what exactly you should spend your money on and what items are not worth the splurge.

Things that are worth the money:

High-quality bag

Both men and women should invest in a high quality everyday bag, preferably a black one made of leather, since it is the fabric that is sure to last you a lifetime and it only gets more charming over time. You can find such a bag in special stores that sell leather products, but it is also one of the very few things that are really worth buying in a designer store.

Leather belt

We can all agree that everyone needs a belt, regardless of their gender, occupation, and style choices. It is obviously especially indispensable for those who have to respect a dress code, but it is nonetheless an essential accessory in everyone’s wardrobe. A high quality leather belt is worth every single dollar, especially if you buy it in a classic black color. You can wear it at the office, at an official ceremony such as a wedding, but it can also be paired with some jeans and shirts for a casual walk in the park or a shopping spree.

Woolen sweater

Wool in general is a fabric that is worth splurging, but especially if it comes in things like sweaters. You can choose a jumper made of regular wool, or you can go for other types like Merino, alpaca, or cashmere. A classic Irish sweater like the women’s wool Irish sweaters here https://www.tarairishclothing.com/collections/womens-knitwear is a piece of clothing that is guaranteed to look good on you for a very long time. To put it into perspective, if you will take care of it accordingly, it can even be a gift for your grandchildren!


Just like a woolen sweater, a high quality woolen coat, be it cashmere, regular wool, or any type of blend of natural fibers, is 100% worth the splurge. Choose an ageless design and color, such as a camel or black sturdy long coat, because it will always be in trend regardless of how many years will pass. This way, you will always be elegant and stylish while not freezing, especially in the winter.

Comfortable shoes

Just like the famous designer Jimmy Choo once said, “The right shoes can make everything different”. The right pair of shoes, be it some office flats or some high tight boots for winter, depending on the climate where you live and the lifestyle that you have, is totally worth the splurge. Make sure to choose something comfortable, that you wear most of the days, and preferably in some neutral colors that will go well with everything. If correctly taken care of, these shoes can last you many years without losing their original design and charm.

Things that aren’t worth the money:

White t-shirt

Although a very classic piece of clothing that everyone should have in their closet, white t-shirts are definitely not worth spending on. You will wear them a lot, which means that they are prone to getting dirty, losing their original whiteness, and getting those horrible yellow stains in the underarm area. Buy your t-shirts from mass market stores, but make sure that they are made of cotton, so that they will be breathable and lightweight.


It is a universally known fact that today’s trends don’t have a too long lifespan, so the last thing you should do is spend your money on trendy clothing and accessories, particularly the ones that are very bright colored and that everybody is wearing. As fashion history shows, these pieces won’t last longer than a few seasons, so you should definitely keep your money.

Gym clothes (especially if you don’t go to the gym)

Gym clothing is created for hard activities, so they have to be comfortable, stretchy, and qualitative. However, don’t run to the stores to spend a fortune on them, especially if you’re not going to the gym yet. For the first month, some yoga pants and a t-shirt would be perfect, since you’d only be starting your fitness journey.


Now, there are a few reasons why swimsuits are for sure not worth the splurge. First of all, you need a lot of them, especially if you live somewhere near the beach, as you’ll have to constantly change them. Also, these items are prone to tearing and discoloring, since they get in contact with chlorine, sunscreen, sunrays, sand, and salty water. Don’t spend your money on expensive designer swimsuits, but rather buy a few affordable ones and create more beach outfits.

Tote bags

Tote bags are not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also beautiful and practical, which makes them so beloved, but even they are not worth the splurge. If you need such a bag for your groceries shopping, choose a cheap one from any store, but if you wear it very often with casual outfits, the best option would be to purchase a tote bag from some memorable trips, galleries, libraries, or museums.

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