Basic Guideline About AT&T Archiving

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Employees increasingly use corporate mobiles just as frequently as desk phones, if not more frequently. Agencies must also ensure that the procedures satisfy compliance requirements only for mobile environments.

Therefore, many agencies need help complying with regulations and meeting the demands of their vertical processes (such as reacting to citizens and technicians texting one another) since they have already switched their operations to SMS and over-the-top messaging. OTT, MMS, and SMS messaging can be notoriously challenging for IT departments to control, even on devices with agency subscriptions.

Limiting, managing, archiving, auditing, and monitoring mobile texting is crucial to comply with public records requests, among other laws and policies. It is not simple with an ever-growing range of messaging services and technology.

But, with the help of AT&T Message Archiving, all SMS and MMS messages sent to or received from a provisioned AT&T agency subscriber mobile phone are briefly kept by the network and delivered to a storage location designated by the customer. Also, messages are recorded when a user roams on a supported non-AT&T network.

How AT&T Message Archiving at Work

AT&T Archiving can assist in adhering to industrial, governmental, and regulatory restrictions for the preservation of mobile messages across various business sectors and government organizations, including the legal and financial services sectors.


Financial institutions can use it to confirm trades and other customer transactions. Insurance firms can use it to verify pre-authorized coverage for claims by checking stored messages.


Keep track of customer communication exchanges to evaluate performance and pinpoint areas for development.


Use message archives from seasoned and new staff to instruct new hires on how to conduct themselves in ways that complement your customer service initiatives and business rules.


Employees can leave the office and still have access to their phone messages. To increase production and efficiency, allow personnel, such as insurance adjusters, to record and capture communications while in the field.


Get to the heart of complaints with a thorough record of messages to aid in quicker problem-solving and produce a record of conversations concerning conflicts.


Facilitate ongoing analysis and monitoring of business message traffic. Enabling businesses to assess both individual and group performance. Determine which messages could be a compliance concern.

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