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Introduction of Fmwhatsapp APK 

Fmwhatsapp is a type of android application that helps to allow users to take benefit of the features of whatsapp plus on android smartphones. This app helps to provide customization freedom to users and personalized apps according to users needs. For example, if users are not linking the green layout feature of whatsapp then users can check it by clicking on whatsapp group links according to their interest. Coversly, the new version of fmwhatsapp 8.20 is a modified version of whatsapp that can help to provide desired addition, more feature and user-friendly interface to users.  Details of fmwhatsapp apk includes the latest android version, free of cost, and FM developer mods. Similarly, Fmwhatsapp apk is one of the best versions of whatsapp and it is developed by FoudMakkad but this apk is not available on google play store. Fmwhatsapp apk is accessed and downloaded from a third party website. From my suggestion, users can take antivirus and caution before downloading Fmwhatsapp apk in their smartphone. 

Description of Key Specification  and Features of Fmwhatsapp 8.20

Key Specification of Fmwhatsapp apk

  • This new version of whatsapp also known as FmWhatsapp. 
  • Its new and latest version is 14.09 and that is why it is known as a modified version of whatsapp. 
  •  Fmwhatsapp apk is developed by FoudMakkad. 
  • The size of fmwhatsapp apk is 52.02 mb and packages are known as com.FmWhatsApp. 

 Features of Fmwhatsapp 


  • Users can use different types of app lock such as fingerprint lock, key pattern, and face lock and this feature can help to secure private data of users. 
  • Users can also deactivate and avoid video calling features from fmwhatsapp and it is a new added version in fmwhatsapp apk.  
  • Similarly, privacy tweaks are added in the new version of Fmwhatsapp apk and it has various benefits including double ticks, last seen, and blue tick. 


  • Users can replace green themes from whatsapp and can set desired color according to their interest from the library used in the latest version of Fmwhatsapp apk. 
  • Custom themes are added by users that retain the capacity to accept several themes. 
  • Users can use other features such as icon graphics and color of Fmwhatsapp and can help to personalize icons of apps according to their desire. 

Exclusive Features

  • Previous version of whatsapp is sending messages to save contacts only but this new version of fmwhatsapp apk can send messages to unsaved contact numbers. 
  • This new  version has various facilities such as group colour is changeable according to the desire of users and users can pin more than 3 chats simultaneously. 

Installation Process of Fmwhatsapp 8.20 

  • Disable or uninstall previous versions of whatsapp from android smartphone. 
  • Then search on a web application by keyword known as Fmwhatsapp apk and click on the link for downloading fmwhatsapp apk. 
  • After that, the apk file of whatsapp is saved on device storage. 
  • Open setting option of smartphone and click on android setting and security setting back to back. 
  • After that, find out device administration option in mobile application and start option known as install or download apps from third party or unknown resources. Then, a pop-up option arises at that time and just clink on this option at the same time. 
  • Open downloaded Fmwhatsapp apk file on smartphone and install this fmwhatsapp until the finish option is not shown on file. After that, the user can open the app register himself with a mobile number. 

Pros and Cons of Fmwhatsapp apk


  • Custom look is a new feature of Fmwhatsapp application that will give a fresh or new look to whatsapp.
  • Status or anti deleted message that is sent by someone to your number is staying on your phone even they removed it from their phone. 
  • DND or enable airplane mode will helps user to use their phone without distrubed by whatsapp messages. 
  • As compared to the previous version, forwarded tag is shown when someone is forwarding messages to others but this version will not show a forwarded tag on message. 
  • Usres can share more than one image with one click on a mobile phone. 


  • One of the main issues is that this application does not have backup data in google drive. 
  • Similarly,  it is an unofficial version of whatsapp that is why it might be risky for users. 
  • Process of working on fmwhatsapp is slower as compared to the previous version of whatsapp. 
  • Privacy and security is the major factor for users and it is directly affected by using fmwhatsapp Apk. This site is accessed by a third party website which is unofficial for users and it may create several problems for users. The different problem includes data loss, snooping and spying, tracking of location, and to misuse of VPN 

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