Escape Rooms: How to Beat One Successfully

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With the internet being what it is today, only a handful of things you can’t learn about. For example, the U.S. was the first to use a shopping cart. More specifically, it was invented in Oklahoma by Sylvan Goodman.

There’s a lot of other unusual trivia about Oklahoma and even more to do while you are there. If you find yourself near Broken Bow and want to engage in fun family activities in Hochatown, OK, consider an escape room.

The fact of an escape room is simple. You and your group are locked in a room for an hour. You get a few clues to start with. All you need to do is follow that trail of clues and solve them along the way. Once you do, you get to ‘escape.’

Now, that sounds easy to follow. However, solving those clues in a timely fashion isn’t that straightforward. Don’t get it wrong. The activity, by itself, is entertaining. Still, you need a dynamic group and luck to go about it the right way.

If you want to know how to succeed as a group, the following tips will be handy. Keep reading to know more about escape rooms in Oklahoma.

How to beat an escape room

With over 2000 escape rooms in the U.S., there can be no definitive way to beat one. However, there are some general pointers you could benefit from. Read on to know all about them.

Pay attention to the theme.

Most escape rooms come with a theme. Think along the lines of ‘1940s New York’ or a ’15th-century pirate ship’. So, whichever theme your room is based on, the clues will be fashioned similarly.

For example, a murder mystery theme will have you sleuthing around. You might need to look under a table to find something. Conversely, a pirate-themed room may focus on nautical elements. Hopefully, you can read a map well.

Build your dream team

When looking for family activities in Hochatown, OK, the people you choose for that activity matter. Go along with some people you barely know, and you will find tensions rising high.

Still, escape rooms can be a great way to break the ice with a new group of colleagues. You have to be open-minded. The experience will be the most fun if you already have a close bond with the people you go with.

For example, there’s always that snarky person in the group who can bring a certain lightness to the entire situation.

Additionally, you need to pick a primary solver. That individual doesn’t necessarily have to be the smartest in the group. It should be someone who can see things logically.

Divide and conquer

The one thing that will trip you up in an escape room is the actual number of clues present. When you think you’ve found all of them, another one will magically appear. Consequently, you need to be thorough.

After all, it’s a little embarrassing to yell out how you solved everything and then watch the host shake their head at you.

What you and your group need to do is to spread out. Divide yourselves into teams of two, or go about it solo. Whichever method you pick, it needs to be quick and efficient. The more ground you cover, the better.

Gently ask the host for a few hints from time to time.

Escape rooms are a fun, bond-building experience. There is no need to take it to an extreme. It’s okay if you occasionally ask your host for a few hints. Usually, they’ll oblige.

Wrapping up

You need to keep the ‘ fun ‘ bit in mind whenever you consider doing something fun with your friends or family. Family activities in Hochatown, OK, for example, won’t be nearly as enjoyable if you lose it five minutes after entering a room.

Besides, you need to keep your head about you if you want to beat an escape room within the given time.

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