Gabriel Kuhn

What Happened with Gabriel Kuhn?

Where video games can be a reason for entertainment, there can cause severe mental health issues as well. Just like Gabriel Kuhn also experienced a heart-wrenching incident. Gabriel Kuhn was 12years old when he was killed because of tibia MMORPG money. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The difference between the tibia and other video games are only of the number of players that interact to play together.

Gabriel Kuhn
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Also, this game has money, not the real money but it can be used in the confines of the game. This became a huge reason behind Gabriel Kuhn’s death. Therefore if you are curious to know the reason behind Gabriel Kuhn’s death and about how deadly influence video games can have on people. Stick to this article. This article will provide you with every single detail regarding the murder case of Gabriel Kuhn.

Gabriel Kuhn’s Friend

Daniel Petry, an aggressive and rebellious boy since his childhood, resulted in extreme violence and slightest provocation. Which became the reason for his parents to send him to a psychiatrist. However, he abandoned the therapy sessions and left school. He used to spend his time at home while watching presumably Brazillian shows. All-day surfing on the internet and playing the tibia game. There he met his 12-year-old friend, with whom he often used to interact and play tibia for hours. Daniel Petry was a religious teenager that used to find peace in the world of video games. 

Tibia MMORP Game

Gabriel Kuhn was playing tibia and he ran out of cash. So, as friends often do, Gabriel asked Daniel Petry for twenty thousand gold coins for the game. Which daniel agreed to because Gabriel promised to return him the virtual money. However, Gabriel failed to return his virtual money. That became the cause of Daniel Petry’s deadly aggression. He dealt with day to day violence situation and not getting money back from Gabriel was a psychotic break for him. 

Daniel kept forcing him to return his money, as Gabriel couldn’t return him he decided to block Daniel Petry from his virtual contacts. He felt cheated and even now he was blocked, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. This lead to Daniel’s furiousness that he called Gabriel’s mother which was in Nova Trento, and asked her what time he would reach home. So that he could go and beat him to death.

Crime Scene

Danial Petry made his way to Gabriel Kuhn’s house and rang the bell, as Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Petry already knew each other Gabriel let him in. Daniel immediately started beating him brutally and knocked him to the ground. He dragged Gabriel to his bedroom, as he cried and screamed. Gabriel threatened him to tell all about this to his parents but Daniel didn’t want any of those. He then decided to kill him and started sexually abusing him with which his blood was all overspread on his bedsheet. 

Then he grabbed a cable wire, wrapped it around his neck, and squeezed his neck with that cable until Gabriel pass out. Daniel then decided to throw his body in an overhead hatch that leads to an attic located in the hall of his home. He tried to lift his body on his shoulder but he couldn’t at it was heavy. Daniel decided to grab a hacksaw from the garage. He started sawing Gabriel’s legs from his body to make him weightless.

That leads to Gabriel regaining consciousness then he screamed because of extreme pain. Eventually, Gabriel stopped screaming a few moments later and fell into shock because of a huge quantity of blood loss. Daniel retried to carry the body into the attic but again he failed because Gabriel still weighed heavily. Then he left his body in the corner of his room for his family to encounter the crime scene.


Gabriel’s mother and brother returned home and found Gabriel’s body in two parts covered with blood. As they witnessed Gabriel Kuhn murder and called for help. Their nearly neighbor also saw the body and warned the authorities. When they arrived they witnessed a virtual fight in the chat as evidence ad arrested Daniel Petry. Afterward, he admitted the crime apart from agreeing to be homosexual and sexually abusing Gabriel, but as the authority had all the evidence. Daniel was arrested for three years according to the laws.

Moreover, after a few days of this incident, plenty of tibia players protested massively and some of them quit. Many of them said that they do not play this game the same as the killer, so everyone should not be judged because of one person’s psychotic brain. However, Daniel Petry claimed that the game drove him crazy. So this proves that these types of games can drive anyone’s mind crazy. Since the release of Daniel Petry, there is no existing record found regarding his life. It is implied that he committed suicide. 


Briefly, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Petry are a huge example of how a video game can have a deadly influence on people. Psychologists and neuroscientists researches shed the light on the impact of video games on people’s brains. Games have plenty of consequences on the brain and most of them are not obvious. Many video games affect a person’s brain making it feel like a real-life strategy that leads to aggression and psychotic breakdowns. 

These games are more likely to be an addiction for people that can become a reason for their bad mental health issues in the future.  As the crime scene of Gabriel Kuhn shows people become addicted to games that they even begin to protest but this is not the solution for anything. You can not control what effect a violent video game can have on your brain.

Therefore, if you want to know how a violent game can affect people’s lives, the article that is mentioned above provides you with a heart-wrenching story about how two friends can even fight to the death because of a violent video game. It is a huge lesson for people playing video games around the world. That violent video games can drive everyone’s mind crazy.  If you still want to know how a video game can affect a person’s brain. The above-mentioned article can easily answer all of your queries.

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