Latest Intervju Of Ann Linde On COVID Policy

Latest Intervju Of Ann Linde On COVID Policy

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Sweden, a Scandinavian country, has the highest mortality rate due to COVID-19. Though the government has been measuring the mortality rate every week, it is not showing a significant decline. Thus, it is posing a serious threat to the nation and the Swedish government.  

Intervju Of Ann Linde

Ann Linde, Swedish Foreign Minister, in her latest intervju said that Sweden’s nation is rightly acting towards pandemic. Moreover, she said that though the high death rate is a serious issue, Sweden has not gotten the number suddenly. In fact, the virus spread gradually and will take almost equal time to eradicate. 

Further, Sweden’s secretary of state said in her intervju that it’s too early to judge her country’s light-touch approach to Covid-19.


According to Ann Linde’s intervju, Sweden is seriously taking measures to mitigate the impacts of the virus.  That is why the government has closed senior schools and banned gatherings of more than 50. 

Als,o government has suggested people avoid non-essential travel, work from home, and stay at home if they are elderly or ill.

This is a very good and only step to avoid this virus. That’s why Social distancing is the most important thing for everyone.

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