Latest Jewellery By Anabela Chan

Latest Jewellery By Anabela Chan

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The jewelry is a symbol of womanhood and social status. It has always made women feel beautiful and makes them confident. Also, it sows cultural values and feminism.

Every jewelry designer keeps these points in mind while designing a piece of jewelry. Similarly, Anabela Chan’s jewelry is a symbol of elegance and fineness. One thing that makes her jewelry unique is her aim of sustainable jewelry creation. That aim is also a part of her designs and creations, as most of her jewelry is based on recycled stuff and takes inspiration from nature.

Latest Jewelry Designs By Anabela 

Anabela Chan, an award-winning jewelry designer from London, has released her latest volume of jewelry. You will find a wide range of gemstones in her online store. Her volume, Bloom, contains jewelry that is made up of recycled aluminum. 

Whereas, the Nova collection features simple-styled jewelry made up of Ambre.  It presents the idea of shooting stars. 

From Supernova to Palms, and from Forbidden Fruit to English Garden, every design and creation of Anabela reflects simplicity and beauty. 

You can look for her other jewelry designs on her online store and can get the one you like.

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