Just How Can a Non-Compete Affect Me Basically Leave or Lose My Job?

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Under Florida law, non-compete contracts are viewed restraints of trade and they are strictly construed based on our Statutes. Non-compete contracts should have shown to aid them and may be reasonable in their geographic scope and deadlines.

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Consideration for almost any non-compete may be the job, if grew to become part of into in the start from the job, otherwise they often times should have another consideration, just like a increase in pay or even an additional benefit.


Whether a non-compete is affordable inside the geographic and time scopes is dependent upon the problem together with what interests needs to be protected. After I draft a non-compete for almost any business client I include factual explanations within the reasoning of individuals limitations to help a Court later and to enhance the enforceability within the document.

Just how can your non-compete affect you

So, for people who’ve a non-compete and have left that job, the treatment depends across the language within the agreement along with the particular conditions within the situation by what you can and cannot do. For instance, when you will see an itemized employment agreement along with the employer breached that contract, the non-compete associated with it will not be enforceable. However, when there was not such agreement so you quit, your non-compete might be enforceable as extended because it had the requisite consideration that is reasonable inside the limitations.

How non-compete contracts are enforced

Once the limitations within the non-compete are reasonable is really a factual determination for almost any Judge. For this reason, the non-compete contracts the author prepares contain the agreed details an element of the document. Without that, the organization enforcing it always must provide separate evidence to exhibit the reasonableness unless of course obviously clearly it really is considered reasonable legally.

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Contracts to limit future employment to begin with year or fewer generally instantly reasonable. Individuals who are between 1 and two years after employment are often enforced. Contracts that are beyond few years after employment are more likely to review by our Courts. That isn’t to condition a company can’t possess a five-year non-compete, it is only that there must be a legally justification to impose this sort of restriction round the former worker.

Non-compete contracts may also be temporarily suspended if they’re violated. Numerous cases in Florida determined each time a celebration vulnerable to the very best non-compete breaches the agreement the organization isn’t obtaining the whole advantage of the limitation with the breach to ensure that is a is ongoing, the limitations are often suspended before the breach stops. Your non-compete restarts next until runs its course.

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