Latest Singing Album Of Anastasija

Anastasija Raznatovic is a Serbian singer. Her fans also call her Anastasija. She celebrates her birthday on May 25 and was born in 1998, in  Belgrade. Moreover, she has represented her home country as a solo artist with the song “Savršen Par” in 2018 for the Europa Song Contest. 

She has an older brother, Veljko Raznatovic. Also, she has seven more half-siblings from her father’s side.

Latest Album

Anastasija has released her latest album, Volim Te,  in May 2020. Director Nemanja Novakovic has directed the album. Further, stars in this song are Simone Cipolloni, Anastasija Raznatovic. This song, Volim Te, means I love you, is based on care, love, and dreams about someone. Anastasija’s new album got over 20 million views. This video was produced by NN MEDIA.

She started her rise to social media stardom in November 2012 by beginning to post photos to her Instagram account. She has achieved a massive social following of more than 850,000 fans just on Instagram.


Serbian folk singer Svetlana-Ceca Raznatovic and Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan are her parents. She loves to sing for her fans that’s why she has a huge fan following. She has uploaded many songs on YouTube. From 2014 she has been in musical life and till present.  

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