Latest Songs Of Sasa Kovacevic

A great Serbian music artist, Sasa Kovacevic is a composer, music pedagogue, and church organist. He has composed over 300 songs using piano, violin, flute, and other musical instruments. 

Moreover, Kovacevic is also a composer, an organist, and a pianist. He has released more than 30 songs that have gone viral: most of them are popular among youth. As a pop-folk singer, Kovacevic has a good fan following.

Top Listed Songs

  • Afera
  • Cerquita
  • Moja Malena
  • Pantera
  • Prevarena

Recently, Sasa Kovacevic has released his new album, Afera, on 6th June 2020 which has got over three million views on Youtube. Whereas Cerquita was released on 16th May 2020, Moja Malena was released on 15th May 2020, Pantera was released on 10th May 2020. On April 5th of 2019, the singer released his song, Prevearena.

Indeed, Sara Kovacevic is having a great journey of his musical life and making more fans.


Sasa Kovacevic has received significant fandom and applause from all around the world. Yet, his fandom keeps expanding. His latest songs and all information about them are posted regularly on his social media accounts. If you have not heard his latest album, avail the chance and enjoy the music. 

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