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A great Serbian music artist, Sandra Afrika is a well-known singer.  She initially started her career as a back dancer who used to work with the popular Serbian folk singer Mile Kitic. However, Sandra released her debut song, Afrika, from which she got her stage name in 2007.

She is a strong and soft-spoken woman. After releasing her debut song, she has been working actively since that time and releases several songs every year for her fans. 

 Latest Songs By Sandra Afrika

  • Drama
  • Devojka Sa Balkana
  • Flert
  • Abrakadabra
  • Neko Ce Mi Nocas Napraviti Sina

Recently, Sandra Afrika has released her new album, Drama, on 24th May 2020 which has got almost three million worth views on Youtube. Whereas Devojka Sa Balkana was released on 23rd Jan 2020, Flert was released on 4th Jan 2020, and Abrakadabra was released on 26th Jan 2020.  She released Neko Ce Mi Nocas Napraviti Sina on Jan 10th, 2019.


Sandra Afrika, a Serbian artist was a passionate girl. She worked a lot for her fans. She has released over 30 songs on which she has got good ratings and reviews. Though she is a famous, successful singer, she has been working earnestly for the love of her fans. 

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