Latest Updates Of Zadruga 3 Reality Show

Zadruga 3 is a Serbian reality television show that is broadcasted n RTV Pink. The first season telecasted on September 6, 2017. Many of the Hollywood consultants as well as technicians are hired for designing the set. 

Title Reference

Within the series, it shows that the contestant or the Zadrugari stays together in a society that is completely separate from the outside world.


In this reality show, every week the entire community selects a leader who has all the rights and responsibilities on them. Being a leader he also receives some special benefits. His task is to set the budgets dor contestants. He also gets additional benefits like he has a helper for his help.

On every weekend,  two players get into the danger. One of them is the helper of the leader who receives the most votes from other contestants and the other a competitor who gets the least votes from the public on that week. 

Two of them once again face public voting on Sunday nights. They also play a game that increases the contestant’s percentage of votes if any one of them succeeds and probably saves him from the removal.

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