Mister Anti Bully's Latest Take On Politicians

Mister Anti Bully’s Latest Take On Politicians

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Mister Antibully runs a widely followed Twitter account. This man raises the voice for others for the sake of humanity and always does favor them. Due to this, he has a large number of fans and supporters on social media accounts.

He normally tweets about the acts that are unethical, and also speaks up against the illegal or unethical acts of politicians. 

His Latest Tweets

Mister Antibully is the social politician who supports the Bully-Free Zone. The recent incident of racism has ignited him. To stand against the act, Mister anti-bully has taken the help of Twitter once again and has been tweeting his thoughts about the brutal act.

Other than this, most recently, he has tweeted about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Also, he is speaking about the ban of a social media person, Dr. Disrespect. 


The aim of Mister Antibully’s life is to support and help others in any condition. He uses social media to raise voice and it’s a good platform to do this. Twitter is the most populated social site where verified accounts are mostly used including all brands, companies, even Prime Ministers, and many more celebrities as well. 

Due to the fact and his unbiased vision, he has been getting popularity and fans on social media, especially on Twitter. 

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