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Everything You Need to know About Moxy Face Reveal

Moxy is one of the most popular video gamers of this era. Moxy face reveal is his pet name from which he got a lot of fame and popularity. He is also well known among people with the name of twitch star. Twitch is an online live streaming platform for gamers to share their gaming live streams. The gamers share their screen with the fans who can hear and watch them while they play.

He started his Twitch channel in December 2016 with the 5Head remote.  He got extremely famous in the world of online game streaming with this remote and his remarkable skills. Let’s have an insight into this high IQ level intellectual and amazing gamer’s life and gaming history. 

About Moxy

This amazing gamer was born in the United States on August 23, 2000. His fans and subscribers love his gaming and streaming. He plays games like League of Legends, Pubg, Among Us, Starcraft, etc. Furthermore, his fans claim that his gaming skills are extraordinary and remarkable. His fans are waiting for a suspenseful Moxy face reveal but it does not seem like he is gonna reveal his face any time soon. 

Furthermore, he has about 500,000 followers on his Twitch channel. The Twitch star is not on Instagram or Facebook but has an official account on Twitter and has thousands of followers. He is considered to be the most famous streamers on twitch. He is a member of some of the famous groups like Gaming web stars, 20-year-olds, twitch stars, and Virgos.  

Moxy’s Story

There is a rumored story about him that the real name of this remarkable live-streaming gamer and twitch star is Anthony Romeo. Anthony Romeo has been a great impact on others. Moxy is a 20-year-old jacked alpha male with a height of 7’5’. He suffered his whole life due to his unusual body. He always hustled on the streets and had no father figure in his life. Hence, life was always against Anthony. However, he always did good in school and got straight As, thus, he was a good student. He had excellent skills in chess and basketball teams. Everyone liked him at this stage as he was so good at everything. Romeo even got a scholarship to Harvard. 

An event dramatically changed his whole life, he started playing an online game called Minecraft and got dropped out of school and became a professional Minecraft player. Then he went by Moxy as his online gaming name. After some time he got into controversy and took a break from the internet. It is rumored that he had a wife and cheated on her, thus, he left the internet for a while. Afterward, he became a professional basketball player and won a gold medal as a chess player for Zimbabwe. Moxy is an extremely influential individual for his fans and they are eagerly waiting to see Moxy face reveal but he is not ready to reveal himself yet.

Then he met xQc, another fellow gamer which drastically affected his life and brought him back to gaming. They both loved playing overwatch. Due to this Moxy’s gaming career started to grow. He did not give any justification or say if the rumor was true or not. Instead, he just read the story in a video and this was his only reaction to these rumors.    

Twitter Account

You can follow Moxy on Twitter at m0xyOW. He has given his business name as cyber e-gaming powerhouse business, and to contact him you can mail him at his given g-mail address at his Twitter account. Moxy joined Twitter in 2016 January. The gamer has 67.6k followers and 725 tweets. Here he shares his interest and new updates of his upcoming live sessions.   

Recently, he tweeted that he is playing LGUltraGearFace Off. Most of his tweets are about his gaming and the equipment he uses for them. He even recommended his followers to get it and start playing. His enthusiastic voice and tone encourage others to have fun and do what he does.

Twitch Account

He made his twitch account in December 2016 and got popular in the world of online live game streaming. But seven months ago Twitch removed his 5Head remote. Twitch claimed that they removed his emote because they owned 4Head emote and can not allow him to have it.   On twitch, he has 528K followers

The most recent video he uploaded was on 30th October and within a day he got 169K views on his video. To view his videos you just need to type Moxy twitch on Google’s search engine and there you go. His account will be the first on the screen and you can access the videos and clips for free. He is kind of a mentor to gaming freaks and they are crazy about his face to reveal, but there is no chance in upcoming days that he will do that.  

How Moxy Face Reveal Emerged As One Of The Most Popular Gamer

At a very early age, Moxy becomes the most popular gamer of the era. Currently, he is 20 years old with an American nationality. Professionally, he is a twitch streamer and gamer. There are multiple games that he has played:

  • GOGO Cross Switch

It is a game with 150 beautiful designs to stitch and a freestyle mode. It is known as one of the addicted version that is easy to grab but hard to leave. 

  • Me So Ramen

Are you a food lover? If yes, then this game will be fantastic to have for the journey. Add your favorite sauces as toppings and multiple flavors for having great fun. 

  • Coffee Café

It is one of the most interesting games that you would definitely enjoy playing with. It would be best if you created yummy mixtures from coffee, cappuccinos, and cream. Just your delicious game by just downloading it. 

It has found Moxy playing a game “League of Legends” in his era. This game required a great experience and skills to win the challenge. For this app, you need to create a team for superb teamwork and to get chances of winning the game.

Moxy – A Young Gamer – Tweets About Him

Moxy joins the Twitter page in January 2016 and has almost 75.5k followers of him. His account is updated, where he shares his thoughts on multiple tweets. Recently, he has shared the post of Cooler Master where he comments:

“Happy for my time with CoolerMaster. Make sure to check out their products here.”

His followers are following his post and checking out the products of the brand. You will be inspired by his Twitter page that is filled with his thoughts on the person who tweets him, and he replied to them. Also, he publicized some pages that he connects with. 

Most of his updates are available on his Twitter account, where he shares many of the things about himself. His followers get inspired by his tweets and guess his personality as per his posting. 

Facts About Moxy – Things That Many People Don’t Know

There are many hidden things about any famous personality as their ideals don’t share their reality on social media or Google. Here are some of the facts about Moxy that people might don’t know. 

  1. Moxy is a Twitch Star who earned almost 500 thousand followers on his official twitch.
  2. He has not revealed his name and face yet.
  3. The popular star is not available on Instagram.
  4. Followers are not aware of his family, friends, and siblings.
  5. His height, weight, color, and other personal information are still hidden.
  6. He is considered to be the #26962 most popular streamers in the world.
  7. Moxy is seen playing Among Us and League of Legends most of the time. 
  8. Still, people are not aware of their education and personal life. 

He is 20th and has become one of the popular in the industry.


M0xxy is one of the most popular and best live gaming streamers with hundreds of fans. The remarkably skilled gamer has some rumors also that he has a big head and a 7’5’ alpha man. But who knows if he looks like this or not. People love to watch Moxy’s live streaming videos due to the tone and humor he has. He is even numbered among the most popular people in the world. He got famous at a very early age and began his career in gaming.  

The 20-year-old gamer is worth watching during his live sessions. He is ranked on the top of the list on twitch and is a great friend of another famous gamer xQc. They have been friends since they both started their careers in gaming. One other reason for his popularity is the 5Head remote on his twitch account which reflects his high IQ.  He is now a well-known Twitch face and his emote which is 5Head is the most spammed emote. He is the most influential and high IQ man in the world at the age of 20.

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