Practical Kitchen Ideas That Serves for a Long time

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A characteristic of the modern kitchen is that it opens up more and more to the rest of the living space. The design of the kitchen furniture hardly differs from living room cabinets or shelves. Electrical appliances disappear behind the fronts or are so inconspicuous in terms of design that you can hardly tell that they are there for cooking. The open kitchen becomes a meeting point for the whole family and guests are also happy to eat and celebrate here.

Modern Kitchen with Two Shades of Gray and Wooden Fronts

Combining colors and materials: The restrained design of modern kitchens allows you to play with colors and materials. So you can not only design a kitchen with two colors, you can also choose a third material as this kitchen shows. Choosing the modern kitchen ideas is essential to the most.

Handle Less Modern Kitchens

So that the fronts come into their own, handles are often omitted in modern kitchens. Cabinets and pull-outs can be opened with a light tap or hidden recessed grips. This gives the fronts an elegant and straightforward appearance, although the effort required for handle-less kitchens is slightly higher. Even electrical appliances such as dishwashers and ovens are now available as handle less versions that fit perfectly into the modern kitchen.

Styling & Interior Service

If you have a modern apartment then you probably have an open kitchen as well. You can use the Styling & Interior Service from Design Nordic so that the living room, dining room and co. Also fit into the new kitchen.

It doesn’t matter whether you only need a few accessories or want to set up a completely new interior. A coherent overall concept will be worked out together with you and individually tailored to you and your living situation, so that your new home looks like a single piece. Among other things, a design concept, an individual shopping list, the wall design and a floor plan are made for the service. With Foyr Neo the deals are most essential now.

Electrical Appliances In Modern Kitchens: High Functionality, Perfect Design

Stove, extractor hood, and dishwasher these devices can be found in almost every kitchen today. The new generation of ovens is significantly more versatile than their predecessors and can, for example, cook Sous-vide or have an integrated microwave or steam cooker. In addition to high functionality, optics also plays a major role in the modern kitchen. In terms of design, they are either subtle or elegant or they disappear completely behind the kitchen fronts. So the clean overall impression of the modern kitchen is not disturbed. When it comes to extractor hoods in modern kitchens, models with downdraft are often found. Steam and odors are extracted directly downwards here so that they cannot even spread in the kitchen.

Digitization is also advancing uninterruptedly in the kitchen and cooking is made easier with numerous clever assistance functions. All major manufacturers now offer devices that can be networked and operated via an app.

Do you want a modern kitchen? Competent kitchen professionals advise you on all questions from design and functionality to the maintenance of your new kitchen. Together we will implement your ideas so that your dream of an individual, modern kitchen becomes a reality. For more ideas on kitchen interior design, you can check out AC Vision at

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