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Python is the most popular and widely used computer programming language, especially in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. Find out everything you need to know: definition, operation, use cases, advantages, and training.

Python is a general purpose computer programming language. Unlike HTML, CSS or JavaScript, its use is therefore not limited to web development. It can be used for any type of programming and software development. It is used in particular for the back end development of web or mobile applications, and for software development and applications for PCs. It also allows you to write system scripts, in order to create instructions for a computer system.

In addition, Python is the most popular computer language for processing big data, performing mathematical calculations, or machine learning. Generally speaking, it is the language of choice for Data Science. With Python classes in Pune you can learn of it.

What Is Python For?

One of the main use cases of Python is scripting and automation. This language can for example replace shell scripts, but also automates interactions with web browsers or graphical interfaces of applications. It also allows system provisioning or configuration through tools such as Ansible or Salt. However, this is far from being its only applications.

Another use is application programming. It is possible to create all kinds of applications using this language. Although it does not allow generating standard binaries from a script, third-party packages compensate for this weakness.

In addition, Python is the most widely used language for Data Science and Machine Learning. The vast majority of libraries used for these two data analysis disciplines have Python interfaces. This explains why it is so popular as a high level command interface for machine learning libraries and other digital algorithms.

This language is also used for the creation of Web services and Restful APIs. Its various native libraries and third-party web frameworks allow you to program data-driven websites with just a few lines of code. Another use case is meta-programming and code generation. Every element of this language is an object, including modules and libraries.

This is what makes Python a very efficient code generator. It is possible to write applications manipulating their own functions, which are much more extensible than with other languages. It can also be used to run code generation systems like LLVM to create code in other languages. Learn it all with the Python Training in Pune.

Who Uses Python?

Python is increasingly used in programming for two main reasons. First, as mentioned previously, it is one of the most versatile and generalist languages. Also, despite its versatility, Python remains one of the easiest programming languages to learn. For good reason, its syntax is similar to everyday English. This is what allows a beginner to understand it and therefore to start learning it very easily. Despite its simplicity, Python can be used for the most complex projects. It is used for example in the field of AI and Machine Learning.

Therefore, this language is used by a wide variety of profiles. Examples include novice programmers, web and mobile application developers, software engineers, but also Data Scientists and other data professionals.

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