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It is no secret that one device that serves its users in so many ways is a smartphone. A big surprise would be to find a person without a smartphone in his/her person. Every corner around this globe the usage of smartphones are normal and has become part of life. To keep such an invaluable device’s working features at it’s best becomes so very important. Not only is a smartphone used for personal purposes, but it is used for professional and commercial purposes as well.

One major function a smartphone does is to transfer its contents to another for sharing. if this process will be performed at slow speeds it could be one most frustrating feeling a user of the smartphone would encounter. This is one major reason to showcase here a mega smart app which is been used around the world and has satisfied its users to the max with its performance. SHAREit: Transfer, Share Files Smart App it is. And this is not the only function this smart app will provide but will also provide right protection with cleaning. Usually, these two functions are catered seperately by seperate apps. This makes the SHARE it: smart app even more unique and one of a kind. Summarise below its main functions that will serve well and benefit the users, in many ways.


With breath taking speeds upto42M/s the speed in which transfers take place is two hundred times more than that with Bluetooth. Transfer and share any number of files as you like. Now this is unbelievable! But a fact. No data will be consumed/used up in the process. And the smart app with its sophisticated technology will ensure the quality is not harmed in any way. Wow! that’s super. All files transferred will be provided protection with the smart app’s user ID code which is exclusive to its user. Do away with the fear of insecurity, share and transfer to anyone, anywhere in the world, absolutely free.

SHAREit, with the reputation of having, the best, and the most powerful cross-platform will ably support transfers of any type offiles, any size, without a limit. Makes transferring Games, Movies, Photos, Videos, GIF’s, Music, Wallpapers apps so easy. One tap will do the needful.The File Manager feature will be in control. It will delete unused files with the user permission to maintain optimal storage.

You may used these types of file sharing applications to backup your media files to your computer to get more storage. With time amount of phone storage available for your media may decreased. It is due to junks. You can remove those unwanted junks with Clean Master app, NOX Cleaner app or AVG Cleaner app. Those the best Android phone storage cleaners available for free. You can install Clean Master app directly from AC Market app. AC Market is the best Android app store to install any apk file like GTA APK, Asphalt 8 APK, 8 Ball Bool apk, etc.

The File Explorer will show all files and apps in the smartphone at a glance. Here’s the bonus features. With a click, activate thePhone Booster & Cleaner. And this will clean and remove junk off the smartphone. Free up the cache from unused files and serve as a booster to other functions to maintain optimal storage, memory, battery and the likes.With HD quality viewing will be at its highest quality.

Well, with an app that caters to such a wide variety and giving a super value, there are no options. Just settle for this super incredible SHAREit:Transfer, Share Files Smart App right away.

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