The Safest Payment Method To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card No Verification

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After its introduction in 2009, Bitcoin happens to be one such best potential setup that has gradually emerged to help individuals to buy, sell, transfer, store and even track the price of the bitcoin As a cyber-currency, it makes usage of cryptography to monitor the creation and exchange of money rather than depending upon any central authority. Thus, in the financial world, bitcoin is emerging as a vital force to reckon with. With an increase in media coverage, there has been an escalating rise in the usage of this alternative currency which is fast entering the mainstream and reaching out to the masses. With the Reserve Bank of India having a favourable attitude towards this bitcoin ecosystem, several online traders are accepting this currency for payment. Visit to  know more information.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

You can easily but Bitcoin with American Express as it is a trusted one. The following procedure can be followed to buy one. First of all, create an account at one of the available exchanges. Lookup for trade offers in the market and sect the best one in terms of price-volume ratio. Do make sure to read the trade agreement before purchase if it is applicable. You can directly contact the seller for information. For making the payment, you’d have to transfer the amount to the seller’s AmEX account. Once the payment proceeds, you will receive the bitcoins. You can use various methods for making the payment. One of them being American Express cards which offer you complete security,.

Now, let us take a closer glimpse at how we can use the credit card to buy bitcoins without any verification.

  • Coinama- Happens to be one such site where without disclosing your identity and address, you can laid your hands on bitcoins. No verification of the credit card is done for the purchase and the services are available on a global scale. The regular number of unverified accounts using Coinama is at $150. Here, one is allowed not only to purchase but can also push the payment limits. With a minimum charge of 6.3% of the transaction value, bitcoin bought through this only requires a photo of the purchaser with his/her credit card in hand.
  • Io- Happens to be another exchange website where both cash and credit card transactions can be carried out for buying bitcoins. No credit card verification is needed if it is your first purchase and if it is up to $25.
  • Using Shapeshift– Which is another leading exchange site can help you to buy bitcoin with credit card no verification. However, to avail, this facility one needs to possess other digital tokens like Litecoin or Ethereum which would facilitate the easy purchase of bitcoins.

Thus by keeping your identity discloses, you can still use the credit card to buy bitcoins without any verification and as a customer can still enjoy the ability to engage in chargebacks which serve as a means of protection from merchant errors and their fraudulent practices. However, one must remember that unlike cash, an undiscovered vulnerability associated with the bitcoin protocol will lead to the failure of the entire system.

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