Top Songs Of Music Album Glamur

Jasmin Fazlić is popular because of his stage name, Jala Brat. He is a Bosnian rapper. However, he is also a hip-hop recording artist, a songwriter, and a producer too. Jala Brat mostly collaborates with a Bosnian musician, Buba Corelli, and Maya Berović artist. 

Jala started making rap music in his experimental house-studio in 2004. Further, he went on to form a Hip Hop group. Further, he is a leading member of the Sarajevo hip-hop band BluntBylon and co-founder of the Vogošća-based music studio Red Eye Vision.

All About Glamur

Jala released his first solo album in 2012 called Riječ na riječ. Then in 2012, he released two of his songs, (Lice Ulice and Uzeću vam sve). Jala Brat has sung the song Glamur. In May 2017, he modified his song Glamur which got viral. 

This song has got more than 20 million views on YouTube. IMPERIA by EMDC Network label it as Album Glamur. Some of the famous top songs of Jala are:

  • Magija
  • Broj
  • Harem
  • Ubica

This popular Bosnian rapper and hip hop singer Jala Brat did many songs by the collaboration of underground rappers. His best of all of his work was Glamur, which got millions of views.

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