What are the Common Causes of Bleeding Gums? 

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Gums play a significant role in oral hygiene, and if you have healthy gum, then you can ensure that there is effective dental health for a more extended period. But, it is one of the most overlooked health problems by people. Some patients think that maintaining and cleaning their teeth is enough and that gum health is not required. However, the fact is the other way around. Gum health is equally essential for your oral health as teeth health is important. 

Some people suffer from bleeding gums, and they are not aware of the reasons behind such occurrences. So, in this article, we will determine the common causes of bleeding gums and how we can solve them. If you live in Cary, then it is essential to consult an experienced Cary, NC dentist who can provide compelling reasons to deal with bleeding gums. 

What are the Common Causes of Bleeding Gums? 

  • Gingivitis or Advanced Gum Disease: If there is an early stage of gingivitis then there are chances of bleeding gums. This is because there might be harmful plaque that is seen in the gumline, and if it is not cleared properly, then it can attack the sensitive gum tissues. You must brush your teeth properly, floss them regularly, and clean them professionally around once every six months. 
  • Adopt a Flossing Routine: You must adopt a flossing routine that will help you in dealing with the bleeding gums. Flossing will ensure that there is no stuck food left, which will attract bacteria or cause plaque in the teeth. However, it is also possible sometimes that there would be bleeding during the initial flossing, but it must be for the initial phase only, and you will see its benefits with few flossings.
  • Dentures can lead to bleeding: There are some instances in which there can be irritation and bleeding in the gums if they do not fit well. It is also possible that there can be dentures that are fixed tightly and therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor for proper consultation. Doctors can provide a decent solution for some denture-related problems and also solve them if they are loose or tight.  
  • Hormonal Changes and Related Health Conditions: It is also possible in some cases that hormonal changes or related health conditions can lead to bleeding gums. Pregnant women can find swollen and bleeding gums due to hormonal changes, and the immune system is unable to fight the bacteria for gum disease. 

So, these are some of the essential causes of bleeding gums, it is also crucial that if you find these instances of bleeding, you must consult a doctor and find a solution to it. 

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