How To Install Xenoverse 2 Patcher and its Latest Update News

How To Install Xenoverse 2 Patcher and its Latest Update News

The Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a sequel to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse game. Dimps is its developers while Bandai Namco published it for the counted platforms. Those platforms include; PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. 

Moreover, it has three modes. One is a single-player, the other is multiplayer, and the last one is the online multiplayer. However, it covers four genres including; fighting, MMO, RPG, and action. Besides, there is a lot of confusion about the Xenoverse 2 patcher mods and its installation procedures. To know all the important information about it, you should keep reading this content.

The Game’s Releasing

The release date of this game and patch is not the same for all the countries. It started from releasing in Japan, then North America, Europe, and then worldwide on 22nd September 2017. Once this game was introduced to the gamers, they lifted it high. Now, hundreds of gamers are at home playing this game. 

Since its release, the patchers of this game have been updating and establishing in the past few years. So, the sources inform that the Xenoverse 2 patch has been updated to the version of 10. 

The Xenoverse 2 Patcher 

Xenoverse 2 Patcher
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Patcher has different versions that unlock the different mods. Besides, when the patcher updated to 7.0, many gamers faced problems due to errors in the game. Many of them were not able to install the latest mods. 

Therefore, soon the creators updated another patcher. As the creators assured that it will make it convenient for the gamers, within a few days. 

Installation Process

The installation of the Xenoverse 2 patcher is no big deal, but it requires some effort and time. To play this game, a patcher is essential. Additionally, a patcher should be by Eternity. So, you can download the patcher easily by using the anime game mods website. 

However, to download the patcher from this site, you will require access to it. Getting access is only possible if you make an account on this website. Besides, you must be active enough to check that the version of the patcher is not updated or outdated. 

After downloading the patcher, the next you require to take is unpack that patcher in your game directory. You can do that with the help of a steam library or directory. After doing so, and finding the folder, you will have to put the two folders of the patcher into the archive and then merge it into the bin file. 

Removing The EAC

Even going through the previously mentioned procedure, you would not be able to lay the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 game. To play it on any platform, you need to disable EAC. You can do that by removing the EAC files from the game directory. In other words, you can also disable the EAC check. 

However, at the end of this procedure, you will have to stay offline forcefully. To play this game offline you have to disable the mods. Once you do that, you will be able to play the game easily but there will not be any mods.

Mods For Xenoverse 2

The Xenoverse 2 mods are numerous. All of them offer different features. For example, some of the mods enhance the characters by adding new auras. Moreover, you will find new skills with new mods that will transform a character. However, these transformations are not only for very important characters. Instead, the transformation applies to all the regular characters of the game. 

Besides, since it has been released, approximately 25 mods have shown up in this game. Studies and resources predict that more is yet to come in the future. 

Installing The Mods

To access and install the new costume and skill of the characters, installing the latest mode is important. You can install it with the help of any tool. The Xenoverse 2 mods installer program can perform this job efficiently. It consists of four programs. Those programs include; character, skills, costumes, and the package installer. 

Following these four of the programs,  the package installer does the installation work. Whereas, the first three packages edit the previous or existing characters, skills, and costumes. However, to install any mode, the Xenoverse 2 Patcher’s version must be 3.5 or any updated one. 

If you already have an updated version of the Xenoverse 2 Patcher, you can now start the process of installing the mod. As this content mentioned earlier, the installer tool is necessary. After downloading the tool, you must copy the files in the DB Xenoverse 2 which you can find in \steam app\common. The next step is to create a folder with naming it; data, in the DB Xenoverse 2 folder

In the end, you only need to bring the mods you have downloaded to this folder of data. Thus, the procedure would get complete here with new mods. The procedure can be time-consuming, but it would work eventually. 


Briefly, this whole Dragon Ball Xenoverse game is based on the Xenoverse series. It has come up with many new features, mods, and patchers. Moreover, the patchers keep updating frequently so that gamers can install new mods. Due to the reason that most of the mods require a specific version of Patcher for the installation. Nonetheless, there are a variety of tools to install the patcher and mods. Some of the best and well-known tools include the animegamemods. 

Furthermore, there is no latest update of news about the Xenoverse 2 game’s patcher or mods. However, gamers predict that there are some chances of a new Xenoverse series that would be known by the name Xenoverse 3. Additionally, it will have its new patcher and mods. 

Besides, many gamers face errors regarding the patcher’s version and installation of mode. The history shows that sooner or later, they get over this issue, once the updated version comes out. If not, then the gamer is supposed to change the tool he uses for the installation. 

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