3 Quick & Easy Tips to Organize Your Storage Unit 

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Pennsylvania does not have the most comfortable climate. Average humidity levels usually scale upwards of 50%. Castle Shannon, on the other hand, goes way beyond this, with average humidity levels sitting well above 70%.

With such fluctuations in weather, leaving your belongings in regular storage units can be risky. So, if you are going to be away for an extended period, you must opt for climate-controlled storage in Castle Shannon, PA.

These storage facilities eliminate the possibility of external weather damaging your personal belongings. As such, with how rapidly vacancies in storage units have dropped in the US, it also becomes essential to know the basics of unit arrangement. 

Doing so will allow you to prevent damage to your belongings and to the unit itself. This article, then, will discuss a few tips for storage arrangement. Read on to know more.

Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit

It’s tough, if not impossible, to remember everything you’ve put into storage. While furniture, like a bed or sofa, is noticeable immediately, minor pieces can often be overlooked. Artwork, photos, and gadgets are some examples here.

Leaving such articles unattended for a long time can damage them, causing issues such as fluid leakage, etc. That, in turn, will damage the unit. To avoid this, follow these simple tips. 

  • Make a Comprehensive List of Your Belongings

To keep track of everything, you’ll need to make and retain a list of everything stored inside the unit. Ideally, the list would also contain details about the storage date and where exactly you’ve put the item.  

One suggestion would be to create a sheet with inventory descriptions and details. If that seems too tedious, you can also use photographs to track each item. Merely take a picture of the item when placing it in storage. That also lets you examine it later for any damage. 

  • Managing Furniture

When possible, consider disassembling furniture before putting it in storage. That way, you can save on floor space and improve general organization.

Headboards, bed frames, and even table legs are just some things you can look out for. Ensure that you don’t damage the furniture in an attempt to dismantle such objects. Additionally, place individual objects in a vertical position toward the rear of a unit. 

If a piece isn’t detachable, use it as an extra shelf. For instance, a dining table can be used to pile boxes and other smaller containers. 

  • Heavy and Large Items

When storing oversized or heavy items, you should always place them at the back of the unit. This includes armchairs, bed frames, tables, etc. 

For hefty objects, place them directly on the floor. That will ensure that smaller or lighter packages are not crushed under their weight. 

Usually, placing objects on the floor in regular units can result in a lot of issues. Owing to humidity levels in Castle Shannon, storage unit floors can often become damp, eventually leading to microbial damage. 

However, if you opt for climate-controlled storage in Castle Shannon, PA, that won’t be an issue you have to deal with. 

It is critical to keep your storage unit clutter-free and organized regardless of how long you plan to use it. Following the steps mentioned above will save you the trouble of combing through a disorganized mess whenever you want to extract something. 

There is nothing else you need to look out for. Now, with your unit organized and protected from external weather, you can go on that vacation without worrying about anything!


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