Is carrom billiards game more of carrom or billiards? Find out here

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Carom billiards game is one of the table games that is adored by many. The game is a kind of cue sport, and it uses three balls without pockets on the table. In one shot, the game’s objective is to bounce the player’s ball off the opponent’s and the target ball to score points. There are two cue balls on the pool table, one for each player. One of the cue balls is made of solid white material, while the other has a black spot. A yellow ball is also present as a second cue ball apart from the red one. Even though most games use one object ball, a few games employ a second object ball.

What is Carom billiards?

As per GetMega, the table for playing the carom billiards game does not have pockets. Usually, the table is heated purposely to raise the balls speed. The three balls used in this game are two white balls and one red ball. When a player’s cue ball strikes the cue ball with the red object ball, the points are awarded. When one player is unable to hit the balls in one shot, other players take turns. The game is played for a specific number of points, and the player who gets the points becomes the winner. 

Playing carom billiards game.

To start playing, according to GetMega, the player must first choose a cue ball to use. He may select a white ball as a cue ball. The foot spot is marked with the red ball, while the head spot is marked with the white object ball. Within six inches of each other, the cue ball and white object ball are spotted on opposite sides of a white disk. 

The red ball must be struck first on the break shot; after that, either white or red may be the first ball hit. If one player makes a shot, he can choose a white ball to be the cue ball on the second shot. Subsequently. He should call that white ball used as a cue in the second shot as the opponent calls the other. Playing carom billiards game is very fun but if you are familiar with it.

Rules of carom billiards game

  • When you play the carom billiards game, you must be aware of all the rules of this game.
  • The minimum number of players is two. Besides, it can be played in two teams.
  • The table shouldn’t have pockets. On the head string, there are additional spots with three carom billiards balls, one red, yellow and another one without markings.  
  • The goal of carom billiards is for the cue ball to make contact with both object balls on the same stroke. It’s as straightforward as that.
  • One point is scored when the cue ball contacts both object balls on the same legal stroke in carom billiards.
  • If the player fails to hit the target, then his opponent takes over. The game continues until one of the players scores the targeted number of points, about 50 points. When you shoot the wrong cue balls, you will incur a penalty of a point and loss.

Carom billiards game is a type of table game that is most close to the billiards and it can be played at both offline and online casinos. Two players compete in this game with each using a yellow or white ball. Players must simultaneously strike the two other balls with their ball. You can practice the similar games at GetMega for a better understanding of rules and gameplay.

Carom billiards is known as the most challenging game since the player must have the knowledge to succeed. However, you can learn to play, and in no time, you will be a pro. Play carom billiards game at Getmega and live to enjoy your life for once!

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