What are dedicated gaming servers?

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Avid gamers will at least be partially aware of the existence of game servers, if not dedicated game servers. Those who are considering setting up their own dedicated game server should do their research to make certain that it would be a worthwhile investment.

But what are dedicated gaming servers, and why are they better than other options such as shared hosting?

Defining a dedicated gaming server

A dedicated server is the name given to an enterprise-grade server that hosts just one client, such as the Best NJ Online Casino, Resorts Casino, which offers a multitude of exciting casino games including roulette, poker and blackjack.

There are many different options for gaming, and a dedicated server is just one of them.

Shared hosting sees server resources shared with others, while virtual private servers allow for some resources to be shared but provide more power and flexibility than is the case with single servers.

Avid gamers or those who are hosts of multiplayer games will probably know that shared hosting is usually insufficient due to the likes of unreliable connections and latency issues. While a VPS may be sufficient, ultimate control of a gaming experience – including the identity of other players – can only really be provided by a dedicated gaming server.

Dedicated gaming server pros

Although there are enormous advantages to using a dedicated gaming server, cost can be a big issue, especially if the burden is being shouldered by just one person.

However, game developers, or those running a data center or hosting multiplayer games, will find that dedicated servers are crucial to offering low-latency, high performance gaming for clients or other players.

Control and power

Players must obey the rules within any game scenario; however, those who are in charge of running the games on a dedicated server are in a position where they get to make the rules.

They can decide who is allowed to play the game, who isn’t, and can even remove people from the server if they so wish.

This can be a big win for quality control as the number of players in a game can be limited to prevent any latency issues and optimize performance.

It makes the host the supreme authority in charge of driving the entire gaming experience, though it is also a big responsibility.

Customized gaming experiences

Dedicated servers provide control over the entire gaming environment, allowing shared features or elements to be custom-built into gameplay to the benefit of all players.

A good example of this is that the length of rounds can be altered to suit individual preference, and it is also possible to create new battle environments, add in customized maps and restrict the types of tools and weapons that players can access.

No more latency issues

When you do not control the server, it is not just your own latency issues you have to deal with but the connections and ping times of other players, which can affect gameplay.

Dedicated servers allow complete control of the game, allowing for slow players to be removed as well as offering numerous options not provided by other server configurations.

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