Why Do You Need Brow Lifting?

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Ageing can come up as a blessing and as a curse. It may be a welcome thing for some, and a source of insecurity for others. The way ageing manifests can take a toll on the body, especially on how we look. Our skin sags as years pass by due to various factors, like collagen loss or UV light exposure. You also see the fine lines and wrinkles which appear on the forehead and eyelids. Our eyebrows also take that sign of ageing, giving people this tired or angry look. A facelift can help address such problems. Today, we will look at brow lifting (ยกคิ้ว which is the term in Thai) benefits and how you can get started with getting one.

Brow Lift Benefits

  • It Restores The Natural Arch In Your Eyebrows

The brow lift procedure helps you restore your eyebrows. In this case, the original shape and contour it had during your younger years. At certain points, the sagging skin affects how your eyebrows appear. 

It would make it look heavy that it hides in the folds of your skin. It also causes the brow to lose its shape and somehow meld with wrinkles. A brow lift helps with eliminating wrinkles. This brings the skin look young. In the hands of a capable plastic surgeon, they can also bring the natural arch back to your eyebrows.

  • It Removes Excess Skin

One of the brow lifting benefits that you can enjoy is how it helps tighten the skin. The skin gains wrinkles due to UV exposure. With that in mind, one of the treatments that you can take to address this is laser resurfacing

This particular process aims to smoothen the wrinkles on your skin. You achieve this through the use of a carbon dioxide laser. Here, the laser removes certain portions of the epidermis. It then penetrates the papillary dermis. From there, it brings the skin to create new collagen and elastin as it heals.

Excess skin is also one of the reasons why you would also look old despite your actual age. Due to the loss of volume after undergoing a drop in weight, the skin would sag and fold in the process. You can see this as facial folds and wrinkles. Even if the loss is not as drastic, going through a process as delicate as a brow lift can help you look younger.

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