Is Having An Unmetered Dedicated Server A Good Thing?

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You probably are new to web hosting, but knowing all your available options is a must. A metered server is one of the common choices because it costs less than the unmetered server. However, if you are going to talk about practicality, you will most likely end up saving money and enjoying more benefits if you switch to an unmetered dedicated server.

You might wonder how come it is better to have an unmetered dedicated server than the metered one. Well, below are the good stuff offered by unmetered dedicated server:

  • You will enjoy the web hosting resources on your own. You are the sole user of the server, which also means that you will be the one in control of managing all accessed information. You are not sharing the resources with others so that you will have more uptime and minimal downtimes. If your business demands fast speed, you can never go wrong with an unmetered dedicated server.
  • You will have better data security. With the unmetered plan, you become the dedicated server owner, so you can expect it to have heightened security. You will have an IP address that is distinct from the rest, offering more data security. More so, it offers timely technical assistance, especially in times you need it the most. With an unmetered dedicated server, the control panel is customized, so it is easy for the IT team to manage your site but with permission from you.
  • With an unmetered dedicated server, you don’t need to worry about traffic increases. All it takes is for you to have a sizeable port, and your site can handle as much traffic that comes your way without worrying about bandwidth overuse. Hence, when it comes to scalability and flexibility, an unmetered dedicated server is the best.

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